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fgtc chavezFGTC Testimonials: Dr. Michael Chavez

Dr. Chavez is the eldest of six children with a mother who completed seventh grade. His father was a drug user and dealer. His road to college started when his mom went to shop at Walmart and dropped him off at a college. An instructor asked him "son, can I help you?"

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fgtc kamakaFGTC Testimonials: Kishti Kamaka

A Midland College student-athlete from Hawaii who wants to go into nursing, Kishti Kamaka notes that a good job is hard to find without a good education.

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fgtc williamsFGTC Testimonials: Morris Williams

He skipped school a lot and dropped out of high school. Then he got his GED and found MC counselors that "wrapped their arms around me." Morris Williams is now the Director of Solid Waste for the City of Midland.

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fgtc gomezFGTC Testimonials: Adam Gomez

A Midland College student that transferred to the University of Texas at Arlington, Adam Gomez suggests individuals save money by getting started at Midland College where the instructors are great.

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