College Information and Disclosures • Consumer Information • Computer Usage

Midland College provides data and communications services for students in residence halls, classrooms and labs. On the main campus and at some remote facilities, data access is also provided via a secure wireless network. Midland College provides data network and the connection to the Internet to enhance the College’s programs and services.


Only authorized devices may be connected to the College’s network. Authorization is obtained through the Technical Services office of the Information Technology and Facilities department. Certain activities on the College’s network are prohibited. Engaging in prohibited activities may result in the loss of computer privileges. Among these activities are:

 a. Unauthorized access of third-party computers
using MC computer equipment or facilities.


 b. Destruction, theft, alteration, or any other form of
sabotage of MC computer equipment or facilities
including, without limitation, software and data

 c. Using hacker programs and trying to access computer
systems using hacker techniques.


 d. Attempting to hack into external computer systems
using MC computer equipment or facilities.


 e. Running “file share” software on computer equipment
or facilities.


 f. Using MC computer equipment or facilities to
store or transmit junk mail or other unsolicited
commercial e-mail.


 g. Using MC computer equipment or facilities in any
manner that violates federal, state or local laws
or other policies of Midland College, including
harassment, intimidation or attempts at such.