Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

The Adult and Developmental Education division at MC offers Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Preparation classes to help adults increase their academic skills. Students are provided with the opportunity to improve their skills in reading, math, and language arts. There are no fees for this class.

Students in TSI preparation classes receive direct instruction and may supplement instruction via online programs that help students work at their own level and progress at their own speed. An online learning system, the Aztec Learning System, is available to assist students.

TSI classes are typically held in during the summer months. All persons interested in TSI preparation classes, should call the Adult and Developmental Education division at 685-6819 or 685-6817 for more information.

 • TSI Pre-assessment activities

 • Full explanation of TSI (Adobe .pdf file)

 • Understanding your TSI scores (Adobe .pdf file)

 • TSI Essay help (Adobe .pdf file)

 • TSI practice questions

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