Developmental Math


MATH 0380: Basic Mathematics
This course is designed to develop and review the arithmetic skills of students. It may be taken as a preparatory course for Math 0371. The topics to be covered include: properties of numbers, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole, signed and fractional numbers; decimals ratios and proportions, percent, exponents and square roots; basic geometry, formulas, and measurement; and solving and graphing equations. Co-requisite PREP 0370. Course fee.


Dean-Lynda Webb, HLGC 205, 685-6884




MATH 0380 or


0 -336

Students score between 310 and 336 are encouraged to take an alternate evaluation to improve their placement

MATH 0371 or

*MATH 0471


Specified placement score OR  “B” or greater in MATH 0370 OR “P” in Math 0170, 0171, 0172, and 0173

*Pilot for Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning

MATH 0372 or



“C” or greater in MATH 0371 AND “P” in Math 0170 OR “P” in MATH 0174-0176

MATH 1314, 1414


“C” or greater in MATH 0372 AND “P” in Math 0170 OR “P” in Math 0177-0179

All students needing Basic Math come and visit Isabel Jimenez 432-686-4284