Professional Development

Professional development is an important and essential component of institutional effectiveness at Midland College. All full-time employees are expected to annually upgrade their professional skills. This may be done in a variety of methods, formats, and locations. Part-time employees are also encouraged to engage in professional development and will be supported by Midland College in this endeavor to the extent possible. The College will annually provide a variety of on-campus opportunities for professional development..   

There is a clear expectation that all full-time employees will engage in documentable professional development each year which will become a part of the employees' annual evaluation assessment. A record of professional development should be maintained and provided to their supervisor each year. Professional development experiences provided by the College have approval in advance for all appropriate groups. All other professional development experiences must be directly related to the employee's duties and receive prior supervisor approval. These may be held on campus, in town, or out of town if funds are available.


Professional development efforts at Midland College will be coordinated by the Human Resources Office. While some types of professional development may be applicable for all employees, specific programs will be offered for both faculty and staff groups. Other College offices have been specifically designated to provide professional development programs for each of the two groups, along with the assistance of the Human Resources Office.

Examples of Professional Development

 •  Seminars
 •  Workshops
 •  Starlink 
 •  Conventions
 •  College courses - traditional classroom or online courses
 •  Webcasts
 •  Independent study

MC Teaching & Learning Professional Development Center

The Midland College Teaching and Learning Professional Development Center, TLPDC, is a faculty-driven resource center, designed to promote teaching excellence as well as collaborative initiatives to enhance student learning.