Midland College IT Support

Microsoft Outlook and Workstation Login Instructions
   Logging in to Your Workstation (pdf)
   Accessing Microsoft Outlook for the first time (pdf)
   Outlook Webmail
   Configuring Your MC email on the iPhone (pdf) 

MC SharePoint Server (if you're logged in to the MIDLAND domain, you will need to use your Chrome or FireFox web browser.) 

IT Help Desk
Submit a ticket at eHelpDesk for software, hardware, computer accessories, phone, user account, electronic door, facilities and grounds issues. The tickets will be reviewed and assigned to the appropriate person to complete the work order.
         help@midland.edu or 432.685.4788 
         eHelpDesk: Login Id & Password - same as your Novell Network account

   Login website: https://midland.instructure.com
   Student account log in information
   Instructor/Staff Accounts - an eHelpDesk ticket must be submitted for a new Canvas account to be created.
   Canvas Help - when logged into Canvas, click the Help button in the top right corner, fill out the request form.

Main Campus Phone System
   Cisco Phone User Guide
   Cisco Phone 7962 Cheat Sheet (pdf)