A Guide to Room Reservations & Rentals

The purpose of this page is to help you understand how the Advanced Technology Center's room booking system works. If you have further questions, suggestions or need additional assistance, please contact the appropriate person listed below.

The Advance Technology Center has a pool of over 25 rooms. The majority of these are primarily for teaching but some are available for formal meetings and other purposes. The bulk of the room bookings for teaching purposes are dealt with in advance. Just before the start of each semester, the various departments housed within the ATC allocate rooms that will be required for the coming academic session and scheduled courses. Other rooms, depending upon availability, may be rented for use by the public for internal training, meetings or events. Rental rates can be found on our "Policies and Procedures" page.

The rooms available consist of a Lecture Hall, Conference Room, Lecture Classrooms and Computer Classrooms. You can find out more information regarding the rooms and what is available using the following links:

Elizabeth & Herb Blankinship Lecture
Business Training Center (BTC) Classroom
Conference Room
Computer Lab
Lecture Classrooms
Computer Classrooms

Room Reservations & Rentals are NOT booked until you receive an email confirmation from the Midland College WFCE Department.

Please select the appropriate link below to Reserve / Rent a Room:

Midland College Employees
Lyndolyn Pervier at (432) 681-6329.

Midland Independent School District Employees
Leticia Ramos at (432) 681-6335 or (432) 681-6302.

Public / Private Individuals & Companies
Debra Campbell at (432) 681-6326.