Business Training Center Classroom

BTC-ThumbnailThe Business Training Center (BTC) Classroom at the Advanced Technology Center is designed to accommodate 45 individuals. The BTC Classroom has an instructor station that includes:

  • Windows 7 computer
    • Microsoft Office 2013
    • Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome browsers
    • Wired internet connectivity
    • USB ports
  • Laptop HDMI input cables

The room is configured with a small management system that controls the projectors, screens, and audio system. The instructor station also provides connections for a portable computer/laptop with a VGA and 1/8" audio ports. USB memory devices may be connected to the computer for easy transfer of presentation files. Scheduled orientation in the use of the management system is provided and required for all who use the BTC Classroom. Public wireless internet access (ATC-GUEST) is provided and a high-speed wired network connection is available at the instructor station.