Midland College Dual Credit Parent/Student Agreement Form

The MC Application for Admission and all test scores must be on file with the MC Admissions Office prior to enrolling in class.
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As a dual credit student I understand and agree to the following in order to enroll and receive college credit:

  • I must meet the high school’s guidelines and be approved to take dual credit courses.
  • I understand that the SSN provided may be used to update my Midland College records, if not previously provided.
  • I understand that all forms and documentation, including: MC Application for Admission, Parent/Student Agreement (renewed each fall semester), and test scores (TSI, STAAR EOC, PSAT/NMSQT, PLAN or ACT/SAT) must be submitted before enrollment/registration.
  • I must meet the requirements of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) for the subject area(s) that correspond to the courses I wish to take.
  • I understand that I must take the free math placement test if I plan to register for a higher level math class than Math 1314, Math 1324 or Math 1342 if I have not yet met the prerequisites.
  • I am a high school age student.
  • I understand that I am not officially enrolled until all required registration documents and payment have been submitted to the college. Payment is due at the time of enrollment. If I do not make payment at that time, I understand that I am subject to being dropped for non-payment. If I am allowed to be reinstated after the census date, an additional reinstatement fee will be applied.
  • I understand that dual credit courses are college-level, and I agree to comply and follow all policies of Midland College and the school district.
  • I understand that I must notify Midland College by completing the withdrawal process either online or in person if I decide to drop or withdraw from my courses. Midland College must be notified by last date to withdraw (see college calendar).
  • I give permission to enroll in interactive videoconference classes that are transmitted from the college to the high school if scheduled by the high school, and I give permission for these classes to be recorded and uploaded to a password-protected website link.
  • I understand that my signature/electronic signature gives the high school permission to send to Midland College all required test scores, enrollment documentation, as well as my final transcript upon graduation. My signature/electronic signature also allows Midland College to release my education records to the parent or guardian listed below upon their request and to the high school until such time as I am no longer enrolled at the high school.

Please enter one of the following as your electronic signature: DL#, High School ID#, Midland College ID# or Pin:

Parent/Guardian Permission

Please enter your Driver’s License number or State Identification Number, if you give permission for the above student to enroll in Midland College’s Dual Credit program. As a parent/guardian for the above mentioned student, I have read and agree with all conditions and requirements of enrollment and registration outlined above.

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