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Midland, Texas

Named among the 150 best U.S. cities in which to live for the past twelve years, Midland’s warm climate, friendly people, and central location are the primary reasons for the city’s popularity. Midland is located midway between Dallas/Fort Worth and El Paso on Interstate 20. With Midland’s population of 101,033, nearly a quarter of a million people reside in the Midland/Odessa metropolitan area.

Midland serves as administrative center for the petroleum producing region known as the Permian Basin, where about 20 percent of America’s oil and gas reserves are located in reservoirs deep beneath the surface.

The area’s low humidity, combined with warm days and cool nights, contributes to the year round comfort of Midlanders. Residents enjoy over 300 sunny days each year. The average heat index for Midland during the summer is lower than that in Dallas, San Antonio or Austin. During the winter, the climate is mild, similar to other desert climates in the southwest.
-Information provided by The City of Midland

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