Midland College NOT associated with door-to-door magazine subscription sales

January 27, 2010

Door-to-door sales of magazine subscriptions for any Midland College-affiliated student organization ARE NOT associated with MC, and the college is not and does not conduct fund-raising drives in this way.

A Midland woman reported that a male, identifying himself as Josh Smith, was going door-to-door claiming to be selling magazine subscriptions to raise funds for Midland College programs. Midland College is not engaged in any fund-raising drives and has no knowledge of the man claiming to be a Nursing student. Members of the community are asked to report this sort of activity to the police and/or the Better Business Bureau. The college has filed a report with the Better Business Bureau on this activity.

For more information, call Rebecca Bell, Midland College Dean of Public Information (432) 685-4556.