Facilities & Locations • Labs


Below is a list of labs available in particular buildings on campus.

Allison Fine Arts Building (AFA)

kiln yard, ceramics/sculpture, painting, photography, design, drawing, speech lab, piano lab 
Dorothy and Todd Aaron Medical Science Building (AMS)

health information technology computer lab, respiratory/sonography lab, emergency medical services lab 
Davidson Family Health Science Building (DFHS)

Helene Fuld CAI lab, Sim Lab I, Sim Lab II, X-Ray Lab 
Leona G. and John E. Fox Science Building (FSB)

microbilogy lab, biology labs, anatomy and physiology labs, chemistry labs 
Murray Fasken Learning Resource Center (FLRC) - Library

general purpose computer lab, reading/language lab, english/writing lab 
Abell-Hanger Science Faculty Building (AHSF)

geology labs, vet tech lab 
F. Marie Hall Academic Building (MHAB)

Math Lab, MHAB 124, 685-6802

GED Lab, MHAB 133 
Technology Center Building (TC)

Language Hub, Reading and Writing Lab, TC 182, 685-4718


West Building  - computer labs, learning skills lab, math lab, accounting lab, aviation simulator training, aviation academic training, cosmetology lab


Northest Building - air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration technology welding technology, vet tech lab, building sciences