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This data dictionary and the terms contained within are intended to provide the Midland College faculty and staff with a general knowledge of institutional effectiveness terminology. This list is not conclusive, nor is it intended to be authoritarian. This data dictionary is intended to provide general information to the reader concerning commonly used words that individual’s will hear or read about on campus.


When dealing with data the user must have an awareness of what is being requested, and the an understanding of where the data will be obtained. Various organizations have different measuring standards. For example a full-time student at Midland College is a person enrolled with 12 or more credit hours. However, when calculating full-time equivalent (FTE) students, many national and state agencies calculate FTE based on a student who is enrolled for 15 credit hours. In the same manner the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) considers a Certificate I completer as the person who received a credential based on the completion of 29 credit hours or less. For the state of Texas, a Certificate I completer is the person who received a credential based on the completion of 46 credit hours or less. Similar differences can be experienced in the use of other terms such as “first time in college” and “first generation in college.”


The intent of this disclaimer is not to confuse the reader, but rather to build awareness. Commonly used words and terms within the educational field can have broader meanings than those definitions contained within this dictionary.


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