Institutional Effectiveness • Strategic Planning

The current strategic plan is broad-based focusing on student success, providing support to the community, and continuance of the college’s annual operational activities.  Midland College uses a 360-degree methodology within its strategic planning process.  Through the monitoring of operational activities and the compiling of data from numerous sources, input is received from internal and external sources.  Internal input is obtained through use of a SWOT analysis that provides opportunities to identify specific strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats (a.k.a. challenges) unique to the college.  External data is gathered via professional relationships within the community and direct input from program advisory groups.  The strategic planning process culminates in the approval and acceptance of the plan by the College’s Board of Trustees.

The current strategic plan (2013 – 2016) was developed using a living document approach.  As such, objectives are reviewed annually and changed or modified as changes in higher education and the Midland College service area change or evolve.

Integration of the strategic plan and assessment process has been integrated into a measurable, Trackable system of progression and accountability.  The integrated process ensures that resources are focused and distributed accordingly to ensure forward momentum and strategic success.

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