Institutional Effectiveness • SharePoint

SharePoint is a Website that provides document storage and collaboration. The website allows members to share ideas and information, as well as work together to create documents. Midland College SharePoint users make curriculum changes to the catalog, write grants, and revise academic policies. The Institutional Planning, Effectiveness and Research  (IPER) department uses SharePoint to create documents, input and collect data, and share information with other members.

SharePoint access is based on need. Those MC employees that require access to the documents on SharePoint may receive access.

SharePoint MUST be accessed using the Internet Explorer browser. Other browsers are not compatible with SharePoint. While on campus, SharePoint may be accessed through this URL:

If prompted for credentials, type in:  MIDLAND\username       Your username is your typical account name, first initial and last name or first name and last initial.

Your password is the same password that you use to log on to campus computers and access your campus email.

You may also access SharePoint while off campus using the Internet Explorer browser and this URL: 

SharePoint Tutorial