As the issue of accountability continues to grow community, state and federal legislators are requesting tangible results to justify the vast amounts of educational monies that are spent annually. With this rise in accountability, educational institutions are finding themselves accountable for the degree of success achieved by students in academic programs. Endeavors to provide these tangible results have led institutions to the realization that the final determining factors of all academic programs and support offices are based on student performance. In response to key stakeholder and external requirements, Midland College continues to assess its internal activities to demonstrate tangible, cognitive results for those students wishing to earn an academic credential.

In addition to monitoring and measuring student performance, Midland College has envisioned itself as an institution that will provide the support which will inspire student learning and community enrichment.  In support of this effort, the administration extended assessment activities to include the areas of support services, financial and personnel administration, and technology support.  Aligning the activities of these important activities with the college’s strategic and operational goals provides a foundation through which the effectiveness of the institution can be viewed, measured, and adjusted to ensure continuous growth and improvement.

The purpose of this assessment page is to provide an introduction for the college’s faculty and staff where assessment areas can be reviewed, timelines is readily available, and job aids can be downloaded.  Midland College strives to use a process of triangulation in gathering and comparing all data.  The triangulation process ensures that a broad area of information is reviewed minimizing data bias.

Access to the college’s assessment forms is available through the institution’s SharePoint program.  Policy letters concerning assessment and strategic planning activities are available in the college’s policy manual.  For help, assistance, or further information concerning the college’s assessment program, please contact the office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning at 432.685.5540.

Assessment Documentation(The following links are pdf files)

Unit Assessment Areas (alignment with SACS Comprehensive Standards 3.3.1)

IE Triangulation

Annual Assessment Cycle (time line)

Assessment Process Overview (job aid)