MC Emergency Management Operations • Emergency Preparedness Guide

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 • Personal Preparedness Checklist
 • Tips for Those with Special Needs or Disabilities
 • Weather Emergencies
 • Other Emergencies
 • Preventing Crime
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Midland College is committed to providing a safe environment in which to learn, study, and work. We are better prepared for an emergency thanks to the many men and woman here to serve you.

Our ability to survive a disaster also depends on you doing your part to prepare for the unexpected. Whether a disaster is inconvenient or catastrophic, your personal plans and MC emergency plans remain the most dependable tool to keep you safe while visiting one of our campuses.

Join me in helping make our community better prepared by taking these simple steps to be ready for most anything - from a sustained power outage to a terrorist attack.

Have a Plan. Be Informed. Be Prepared.

This guide provides information on how to minimize the effects of an emergency when visiting one of our campuses. It includes useful information and helpful telephone numbers and websites to build on this common sense approach to emergency preparedness.

An involved and informed community is a well prepared community. Your partnership with Midland College is key to our security and emergency management strategy.

Chief Richard McKee
Midland College Police Department

emo footerThis site is intended to inform the Midland College community
about what to do in advance of, during and after an emergency.

Midland College Police Department: (432) 685-4734
Midland College Public Information Office: (432) 685-4556

Emergency Phone Number: 686-4911